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Oxidative recovery titration
氧化复原滴定法是指将待测样品精细加碘滴定液后,边振摇边滴加NaOH 滴定液,在暗处放置30 min,加稀硫酸,用硫代硫酸钠滴定液滴定,至近终点时,加淀粉指示液继续滴定至蓝色消逝,依据滴定液运用量,计算葡萄糖的含量。该办法在测定右旋糖酐40 葡萄糖注射液中葡萄糖的含量中被普遍采用。
The oxidative recovery titration method refers to adding NaOH titration solution while shaking after the fine iodized titration solution of the sample to be tested, placing it in the dark for 30 minutes, diluting sulphuric acid, titrating with sodium thiosulfate titration solution, and adding starch indicator solution to titrate until the blue fades at the near end point, and calculating the content of glucose according to the amount of the titration solution used. This method has been widely used in the determination of dextran 40 Glucose injection.
Fading spectrophotometry of iodine-starch system
碘与淀粉体系褪色光度法的原理是应用葡萄糖复原性和碘与淀粉能构成蓝色配合物的性质。待测液中参加适量NaOH 后,I2与NaOH 生成的NaIO 能定量地将葡萄糖氧化成葡萄糖酸,过量的NaIO 则歧化生成NaIO3和NaI。然后将体系调至酸性,NaIO3与NaI 反响重重生成I2,析出的I2又与淀粉构成蓝色配合物。反响前后的吸光度差与参加的葡萄糖含量呈良好的线性关系,据此能够测定葡萄糖的含量。
The fading spectrophotometry of iodine and starch system is based on the application of glucose recovery and the properties of blue complexes formed by iodine and starch. NaIO produced by I2 and NaOH can quantitatively oxidize glucose to gluconic acid after adding appropriate amount of NaOH in the solution to be measured, while NaIO3 and NaI can be disproportionated to excess NaIO. Then the system was adjusted to acidity. NaIO3 reacted with NaI to regenerate I2. The precipitated I2 formed a blue complex with starch. The absorbance difference before and after the reaction has a good linear relationship with the glucose content of the participants, which can be used to determine the content of glucose.
Glucose hexokinase method
其原理是己糖激酶催化葡萄糖生成葡糖-6-磷酸。之后葡糖-6-磷酸被氧化,同时产生复原型β—烟酰胺腺嘌呤二核苷酸。系统将监测340 nm的光吸收变化,该变化与样品中的血糖浓度呈正比,依此计算并给出血糖浓度。
The principle is that hexokinase catalyzes glucose to produce glucose-6-phosphate. Glucose-6-phosphoric acid is then oxidized to produce a duplicate beta-Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. The system will monitor the change of light absorption at 340 nm, which is proportional to the blood sugar concentration in the sample, and then calculate and give the blood sugar concentration.
Mid-Infrared Attenuated Total Reflection Spectrometry
葡萄糖在中红外波段具有1152,1108,1 080,1 035,992 cm- 1 等5 个葡萄糖基频特征吸收峰,因而,中红外衰减全反射(ATR) 光谱办法可以丈量浓度。采用中红外ATR 光谱法,分别采集自然状态和浸透状态时皮下组织中的葡萄糖的光谱数据,应用二维关光谱技术剖析了两种状态下组织液中的葡萄糖浓度。结果标明: 应用低频超声和真空负压等物理或化学辅助办法将组织液浸透到皮肤表层,能够完成中红外ATR光谱法检测皮下组织液中葡萄糖。
Glucose has five characteristic absorption peaks in the mid-infrared band of 1152, 1108, 1 080, 1 035, 992 cm-1. Therefore, the concentration can be measured by mid-infrared attenuated total reflection (ATR) spectroscopy. Mid-infrared ATR spectroscopy was used to collect the spectroscopic data of glucose in subcutaneous tissues in natural state and immersion state respectively. Two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy was used to analyze the concentration of glucose in tissue fluids in two states. The results showed that the method of low frequency ultrasound and vacuum negative pressure could be used to immerse tissue fluid into the skin surface, and the mid-infrared ATR spectroscopy could be used to detect glucose in subcutaneous tissue fluid.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
高效液相色谱( HPLC) 法是检测生化分子的通用办法,葡萄糖液能够用此法测定。葛姗姗等人采用HPLC 法,测定红腺忍冬叶水提液中葡萄糖的含量。12 批次红腺忍冬叶的检测结果标明,该办法能使葡萄糖和其它物质得到良好的别离。线性范围为33.75 -2 160 mg /L,精度为1.31 %,稳定性分别为2.25 %,反复性为1.85 %,均匀加样回收率为97.58 %。
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a general method for detecting biochemical molecules. Glucose solution can be determined by this method. Ge Shanshan et al. determined the content of glucose in the water extract of Lonicera japonica Leaves by HPLC. The results of 12 batches of Lonicera japonica leaves showed that this method could make glucose and other substances separated well. The linear range is 33.75-2 160 mg/L, the accuracy is 1.31%, the stability is 2.25%, the repeatability is 1.85%, and the recovery of uniform sample addition is 97.58%.
Application Specificity Interaction
应用特定物质对葡萄糖分子的特异性辨认,能够分离外表等离子体共振SPR)等技术停止测定。当金膜外表配位体与剖析物发作互相作用,会招致SPR信号变化,从而停止测定。经过特异性辨认作用在SPR传感器的金膜外表构建了伴刀豆球蛋白A/葡聚糖修饰的金纳米颗粒自组装膜。当有葡萄糖存在时,膜被合成,从而完成对葡萄糖的灵活检测。结果标明,该传感器能够选择性地检测0.1~100 mmol /L浓度范围内的葡萄糖溶液,且敏感膜能够屡次再生运用。
Specific identification of specific substances for glucose molecules can be used to separate surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and other techniques to stop the determination. When the outer ligand of the gold film interacts with the analyte, the SPR signal changes and the determination stops. Gold nanoparticles self-assembled monolayers modified with concanavalin A/dextran were constructed on the gold surface of SPR sensor by specific recognition. In the presence of glucose, the membrane is synthesized, thus completing the flexible detection of glucose. The results show that the sensor can selectively detect glucose solution in the concentration range of 0.1-100 mmol/L, and the sensitive membrane can be regenerated repeatedly.
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